Openwater Courses

PRO DIVE Openwater Course - Weekend

From: $199.00 AUD* Normally: $399.00 Save 50%
Students Learning to Dive with Pro Dive Coogee
Want to go on a weekend adventure worth bragging to your friends about? Join PRO DIVE's Openwater Course for beginners for the ultimate SCUBA experience and say goodbye to boring weekends!
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PRO DIVE Openwater Course - Weekday

From: $149.00 AUD* Normally: $399.00 Save 63%
Pictured above is a student at Pro Dive's Learn to Scuba Dive Course
Want to become a fully certified Open Water Diver, but can't attend weekend classes? PRO DIVE has you covered, with our Weekday Dive Course for beginners.
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*This Price is for Online Booking Only and may not be available on all dates. Please refer to the details for more information.